Service-on-the-Go with Installer Toolkit

Use Service-on-the-Go from Installer Toolkit to submit warranty claims, and retire & replace devices with just a few clicks.

Follow these steps to use Service-on-the-Go with the Installer Toolkit mobile app.

  1. From Installer Toolkit, tap View Systems.Service-on-the-Go Installer Toolkit overview
  2. From the systems list, tap the system you are working with. Service-on-the-Go Installer Toolkit systems listNote: The system must be downloaded to your device.
    To learn how to download completed systems, watch the video here.
  3. Scroll down and tap Service.
  4. Select the option of your choice, Request Return or Install Replacement.

Request Return

  1. Tap Request Return.Service-on-the-Go Installer Toolkit request return button
  2. Select the address where the replacement should be shipped.Service-on-the-Go Installer Toolkit select addressThe screen shows the address on file for the installer and the installed location for the device.
  3. Scroll down and select the serial number of the device to return, and then tap Submit. Service-on-the-Go Installer Toolkit select serial number and submit
  4. The system responds with a success message, the case number that has been opened, and the email address that Enphase will use regarding this case.Service-on-the-Go Installer Toolkit return successNote: If the system does not approve the replacement, a case number is opened for follow-up.

Install Replacement

  1. Ready to install a replacement? Access the system in Installer Toolkit, scroll down the overview screen, tap Service and then Install Replacement.Service-on-the-Go Installer Toolkit install replacement
  2. Enter the original device serial number.Service-on-the-Go Installer Toolkit enter replacement serial number
  3. Enter the replacement serial number and tap Submit.Service-on-the-Go Installer Toolkit submit replacement
  4. The system responds with a success message. There is nothing more for you to do! The device has been retired and replaced on the vritual array in Enlighten. Service-on-the-Go Installer Toolkit install replacement successNote: If the serial number is incorrect, the system lets you know.

If you hit a snag, just tap the Customer Support button to give us a call.Service-on-the-Go Installer Toolkit call customer support