Self-service return and replacement to help you manage devices with just a few clicks
With Service-on-the-Go, you can request returns (warranty claims) and have them approved within seconds, without ever having to pick up a phone. You can also quickly retire and replace device, from the field or in your office, on your own schedule.

Request a return

Enphase uses advanced analytics to authorize 90% of all microinverter warranty claims in 60 seconds or less using Service-on-the-Go, so you never have to roll a truck again without an approved warranty claim. Once your claim is approved, you can schedule your truck roll around the committed ship date for the replacement device or you can replace the device from your stock the next time you are on site.

Install a replacement

Tired of calling Enphase Customer Support to retire a device and update your customer’s array? Using Service-on-the-Go, you can specify the RMA device, the replacement device, click submit and you’re done! All the administrative steps are taken care of for you.

How to access Service-on-the-Go

You can access Service-on-the Go through Enlighten on your computer or through Enphase Installer Toolkit on your mobile device.

In Enlighten, from your dashboard, navigate to the site you are working on. Search for the site in the on the System Finder widget or open your SYSTEMS tab to find the site.Search for or navigate to system using Enlighten Manager

Click through to the settings tab Setting Icon. Access settings for site in Enlighten ManagerPage down to the Self Service pane to access the functionality.

Service-on-the-Go Enlighten Manager service pane

When your replacement is approved through Service-on-the-Go, the system sets up a shipment of a replacement device to the site or to the installer of record for that site.

You can see how to access Service-on-the-Go from Installer Toolkit here.