Replace an Envoy and Update Enlighten

How to replace an Envoy using your Installer Toolkit app

If you need to replace an Envoy, you can register the replacement Envoy using your Installer Toolkit mobile app without going on site. (Of course, you’ll need to install the replacement Envoy on site, but the housekeeping associated with the replacement can be handled while you're on site or separately when you're back in the office.)

To complete this process, the original Envoy must have already been registered in Enlighten and your mobile device must have an active Internet connection.

  • To start, download the system to your Installer Toolkit mobile app. Systems do not remain on your app after the installation is complete, so you have to download the system explicitly to complete this process. Watch the brief video to learn how.
  • After downloading the system, open the system in Installer Toolkit.
  • Tap on the Envoy serial number for the device you want to replace.
  • Tap on Replace Envoy from the navigation menu.

  • Read and follow the on-screen instructions about physical replacement of the Envoy, if it has not yet been replaced.
  • Tap the camera icon to scan the old Envoy serial number. If scanning does not work, or you’re not on the job site, you can enter the serial number manually.
  • Tap the camera icon to scan the new Envoy serial number. Again, if scanning does not work, you can enter the serial number manually.
  • Tap Submit. You must have an Internet connection for this step. Your app will attempt to reach Enlighten to synchronize data. The process will not complete unless your app is able to connect to Enlighten.
  • Once the old Envoy is retired and the new Envoy is provisioned with any Enphase Microinverters and AC Batteries that reported to the old Envoy, Enlighten sends you an email to confirm that the replacement is complete.

NOTE: Do not install the old (retired) Envoy at another site without contacting Enphase Customer Support first. Re-using an Envoy that has not been properly reset will result in data being associated with the wrong system in Enlighten.

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