How to Replace and Retire Microinverters

Ever wonder how to update Enlighten when a microinverter has been replaced? Solar professionals can follow a few simple steps to complete the process without ever picking up the phone!

There are two steps to the microinverter replacement process. Physically changing out the malfunctioning equipment and updating Enlighten to reflect the change.

1. Replace Microinverter

  • Contact Enphase to secure an RMA for the malfunctioning unit
    • Get in touch with an Enphase customer service representative or account manager and request an RMA number.
    • Return the product to location specified by Enphase contact along with RMA number and required details.
    • You’ll receive a confirmation email when your RMA is approved and another when your replacement unit ships
  • When your replacement unit is received, physically replace the RMA’d unit
  • Initiate a device scan to detect the new unit

2. Update Enlighten and the Array Viewer

Retire the device

  • Log into Enlighten Manager
  • Search for the array in your Installer Dashboard
  • Access the array

  • Click on the unit that has been replaced
  • Click the "Retire Microinverter" button at the top of the screen
    • It is important to retire the unit before replacing it in the array viewer. Once removed from the array, the “retire” button will no longer be accessible. Retiring the unit ensures that it is no longer included in the count of units on site and no alerts will be generated for the device.

Update the virtual array with the new unit

  • Return to the array overview screen
  • Click on the gear icon (settings) in the upper right

  • Scroll down the Array Details pane

  • Click on “Open Array Builder”
  • Locate and click on the unit that has been RMA'd and replaced (########4979 in this example)
  • Click “Unassign” on the top toolbar

  • Drag the newly installed unit in the empty module position in the array
    • If you accidentally remove the module instead of unassigning the microinverter, you can close without saving and start over, or you can drag a new module from array left navigation toolbar to the empty location.

  • Now only the RMA'd/replaced unit will show up in the list of unassigned serial numbers
  • Click Save and you're done!