How does MyEnlighten get weather data for my system?

See how weather data is provided for your account

MyEnlighten retrieves weather information from Weather Underground, an established service that provides real-time reporting for agencies like Associated Press. Weather Underground collects data from over 10,000 airport weather stations and over 33,000 personal weather stations around the world.

MyEnlighten displays the weather data collected from the airport station that is closest to your system. You can choose a different Weather Underground weather station for your system by following the steps listed here.

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to Signed in as… and choose Settings.
  2. Scroll down to System Preferences.
    The Weather Underground Station ID displays in System Weather.
  3. To find an alternate weather station for your system, click the Find a different Weather Underground station link. This opens a Weather Underground map for your area.
  4. On the Weather Underground site, find the station you’d like to use, then click the icon.

    Only weather stations that display a current weather condition icon (sun, clouds, etc.) will provide actual weather conditions and temperature in MyEnlighten. Weather stations without a weather condition icon provide only temperature.


    While you might find a station that is closer than the airport station, Enphase recommends that you select a station that provides weather conditions.

  5. Find the station ID in the upper-left corner of the weather station display.


  6. In MyEnlighten, enter the new station ID.
  7. Click Save System Preferences.
  8. Click Back to return to the MyEnlighten main page.

If you are interested in getting your own personal weather station, click the get your own personal weather station link.

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