How do I view or change my Wi-Fi settings on the Envoy-S?

When the Envoy is using Wi-Fi to connect with Enlighten, connect to the Envoy-S Local Interface and select > to view Wi-Fi configuration information. Enter the followig credentials:

Username: envoy
Password: nnnnnn (where nnnnnn are the last six digits of the Envoy-S serial number)

From here you view Available Networks (WPS and AP), Update Country, Enable AP Mode, and view Device information.

If you replace the broadband router at the installation site, you need to update the connection information on the Envoy-S. To do this:

  • Select Connect Other Network.
  • Enter the new Wireless Network Name (ESSID) and Security code.

If you need to disconnect the Envoy from a Wi-Fi network:

  • Select More Info.
  • Click Forget this Network.

For a quick video walkthrough of the process, see here.

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