How do I view current production on my Envoy-S?

Connect to the Envoy-S

With your computer or mobile device connected to the same LAN (local area network) as the Envoy-S, you can access the Envoy-S interface.

  1. Use the Envoy’s built-in Wi-Fi or connect an Ethernet cable between a computer and the Envoy-S.
  2. Open an Internet browser application on a computer or mobile device connected to the same LAN as the Envoy-S.
  3. In the browser address window, enter http://envoy.local to view system details and status.

If there are additional Envoy-S units on the network, you can access them by entering the following strings in the browser window:

Once the browser has successfully connected with the Envoy-S, the home screen is displayed in the browser window.

View Production Readings

The production readings at the top of the pane show current and lifetime production values. The first value shows today’s production, while the second shows the total production for the lifetime of the system.

  • If your system uses an Envoy-S, Metered gateway, it is equipped with a revenue- grade production meter and readings from this meter are displayed. You can also view production as reported by the microinverters by selecting the arrow to the left of the words Microinverter Production.
  • If your system uses an Envoy-S, Standard gateway, the system displays production values reported by the microinverters.
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