How do I add photos or a description of my system?

Get details on how to add an photo(s) or change the description of your system

You must the be the system owner to add photos or a system description.

First, click System Details to display your system layout.

Adding a Photo

You can upload up to 4 photos in either .jpeg, .gif, or .png formats. The photo file size must be no more than 200K bytes.

  1. To add a photo, click the Manage Photos button.
  2. Click Browse to locate the photo to upload.
  3. Click the file name of the photo to upload. Add a caption if you like.
  4. Click Upload.
  5. Repeat these steps to add another photo, or click the x to return to the System Details page.
Adding a Description
  1. Click the Edit Description button.
  2. Type your description in the Description box, then click Save Changes.
  3. Click Close to return to the System Details page.
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