Why is one of my panels producing less than the others?

There are many factors that cause variable energy generation from one solar panel to the next:

  • Solar panels are “mismatched” directly from the factory and can vary as much as 2-5%. This is normal.
  • The solar panels being compared may not be on the same roof plane. In this case, they won’t receive the same amount of sun each day.
  • One of the panels may be obstructed or shaded for a part of the day. For example, a neighbour’s roof may shade lower panels for part of a day, or one panel may have the shadow from a vent stack come across it each day.
  • In any of these cases, a variation of 10% for panels on the same roof plane is not uncommon.

If one of your microinverters has been replaced, only the production for the new unit will be displayed. Data will be correct from the time the new microinverter was installed, but you will no longer be able to see energy production from before the microinverter was replaced.

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