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Solar and Smart Air-Conditioning Management with Enphase + Sensibo

Nov 19, 2020

It’s almost summer! That means carefree beach days and spending quality time on holiday with family are just around the corner. But with the Australian summer also comes brutal, scorching temperatures – and last year was the second hottest on record down under.

This summer is expected to be especially tough, since one-third of Australia’s workforce will be home due to COVID-19. Plus, energy prices are likely to skyrocket as experts fear the grid may struggle to keep up with the increase in demand. Cranking up your AC might be the best way to keep cool, but it’s also the most expensive. Did you know that your AC system costs more to run than any other appliance in your home? That’s a big dent out of your wallet for at least three months of every year.

The answer can’t be to simply use less AC, right?

Turning down your thermostat during the hottest time of day is not only uncomfortable, but it can be dangerous – especially for those who are more susceptible to heat stroke or other medical conditions.

The Answer: Break free from high electricity costs with solar

More than 20% of Australian homeowners have already installed solar on their rooftops and the number is increasing every day. That’s one in five homes!

Rooftop solar systems convert sunlight into electricity that you can use to power your home instead of using electricity from the grid. By reducing your consumption of grid power, you can save immediately on utility bills and protect yourself against electricity price spikes in the middle of the day. The best part is that your solar system’s peak output matches your daily AC usage, making it a natural partner for your cooling system.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of using clean, renewable energy instead of the electricity from your local utility, which often includes electricity generated from dirty fossil fuels.

With generous federal solar incentives and state rebates and loan options, rooftop solar has never been easier to afford in Australia. In many states, you can even get paid (known as feed-in tariffs) for exporting any unused electricity from your solar panels to the grid. This all means that you can go solar without the big upfront cost – and end up with huge savings this summer.

Pair solar with smart devices like Sensibo Sky to save even more

We know that with or without solar, you want an AC system that is tailored to your needs during hot summer days. Without smart management, your AC can be a drain on your wallet by running at full blast, even when you don’t need it.

That’s why Enphase is excited to partner with Sensibo, a small device that enables you to control your split system from anywhere using your phone. Not only can you control Sensibo remotely via the mobile app, it’s also easy to adjust at home, thanks to its compatibility with Google Home, Apple Siri, and Amazon Echo.

It’s also super flexible – you can set a seven-day schedule that adjusts the temperature at all hours of the day. If you leave the house, you can even make adjustments on the go from your phone to ensure that you aren’t wasting energy to cool your home when you don’t need it.

Prepare yourself for the summer with Enphase

Enphase solar already provides a seamless home energy option that saves you money. With the Enlighten mobile app, you could already track your energy usage, panel-level production, and system health status.

Now you can add that smart capability to your AC unit. With Enphase + Sensibo you can effortlessly match your peak solar production with the energy demands of your AC this summer. More control means more money in your pocket.

To learn more about Enphase, schedule a free consultation with our solar power experts today.

To learn more about Sensibo, visit our online store.

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