Enphase Accessories

Combining forces for simpler installations.

The little things make a big difference.

Enphase accessories work together to make your job simpler. High-quality, cost-effective, and easy to use,
they fit together seamlessly for a streamlined installation process.

Enphase Engage Cable

The Enphase Engage Cable is a continuous length of 2.5 mm2 cable with pre-installed connectors for Enphase microinverters.

  • Easy handling, just like standard electrical wire

  • Can be cut, spliced and extended as needed

  • Large branch capacity

  • Eliminates need for additional cables, making installation quicker

  • No high-voltage DC for a reduced safety risk

Download the Enphase Engage Cable Data Sheet

Enphase Connector Clip

Created for railless systems, the Enphase Connector Clip secures the Engage Cable directly to the module frame.

  • Simple, single-part clip snaps on in two easy steps

  • Lower cost and more reliable than other connector clips

  • Reliable, durable, rust-proof aluminium bracket

  • Fits most modules

Download the Connector Clip Brochure

Enphase Frame Mount

The Enphase Frame Mount bolts a microinverter to a module frame, making Enphase compatible with railless and ballasted systems.

  • Lets you attach microinverters on the ground and carry one piece up to the roof for rapid, drop-in installations

  • Requires fewer parts for lower materials costs

  • Attaches in three simple steps

  • Reliable, durable, rust-proof aluminium bracket

Download the Frame Mount Brochure

Enphase Engage Coupler

The Enphase Engage Coupler is a watertight enclosure for connecting cables in an Enphase installation.

  • Reduces time and materials costs

  • Stays concealed beneath modules for a more attractive alternative to bulky junction boxes

  • Supports single- and three-phase electrical service

  • Compatible with Enphase Engage Cable or 2.5 mm2 cable

  • Reduces j-box and conduit usage

  • Attaches easily to racking and includes parts needed for splicing and sealing

Download the Enphase Engage Coupler Data Sheet

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